Straight Talk W Kate : Thanksgiving Dinner

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Hi everyone Happy Thanksgiving Im cooking today Uhmm.

egg I will take the egg It need fires And.


Flip it over and the spatula I own you a spatula The spatula works The eggs are too slippery Flip the egg Mommy I just flip it my spatula Flip it all over I want to go this We have to bake this This one No its not yet !! Oh mommy I want to I want to bake this.

I want to bake this This one is too slippery Off with the eggs Oopsie Its almost ready Mommy OH!!! We will have to close this Just a little There My egg is readdddy !! This one is working ** dit dit dit dung.

(singing) ** This one needs a plate And a spoon!! I already have Spoon and the cup This cup, this cup Theres the cup! I want to Line it up There This one goes right there And this one goes right there Its ready!! Oh I spin it Its too slippery I want to get the spoon And the cup Bye everyone !.

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