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College football schedule guide, Thanksgiving weekend 2016: How to watch the best games This is going to be one of the best college football weekends of the season.

It always is.

Thanksgiving weekend is the sport's traditional rivalry weekend, meaning just about every game matters more.

Some have Playoff stakes, some have conference stakes, and some just have local hollerin' stakes, but if you only watch a few days of college football per year, this weekend ought to include at least one of them.

(I'm speaking hypothetically.

I don't know why anyone would only watch a few days of such a sport.

) Below, the Watchability Grid, which arranges the schedule based on a guesstimate of competitiveness, quality, fun, and what else is on at the time, with TV and streaming info for each Division I game.

Thursday is tolerable, Friday is better than just about anyone would've predicted, and Saturday will be one of the best days of the season.

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