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This is a prank to a turkey hotline that offers free Thanksgiving cooking advice.

There wasn't enough time to subtitle it, unfortunately, but I figured it be better to share this ridiculous prank with you today rather than not posting it at all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

*phone ringing* Good afternoon, this is *bleep*, how can I help you? Uuuh, yeah hi there.

I did have a question for ya'll, I'm over here on the turkey farm.

And I wanted to see if ya'll had any insight about, you know, what might be a good one to grab.

Sooo ok, so how many people are you gonna be cooking for? Uuuh you know, me and my family, probably about, you know, 30.

30! Ok wow! Ok I got my brother Barry, you know my uncle Billy Bob.

I gotta another named uuh Bow.

We got Bobby Joe, we got Bowdeen, we got Buck, and Buddy, and Charles Ray, and Chester, and Cleetus Oh wow, ok! Those are all good names! *chuckles* Yeah.

And in alphabetical order actually.

*chuckles* How about that What would you recommend.

in terms of like.

What should their gobble sound like GOBBLE!! GEE! I have no clue *chuckles* Y'all are neck deep in some turkeys over there.

so I figure y'all might have some insight, right ohh, well here we are just answering questions We are not on the turkey farm but I suppose you just have to get them to gobble for you and if its sounds good, that’s the one you want *chuckles* Would you mind just giving me your best gobble so I could try to find one that sounds like you maybe? *chuckles* oh god Something like wouloulolo Yeah, well yours is better.

Your gobble is much better than mine I’m good at sound effects sometimes you know what I’m saying, wouloulolo Okay, but see you use more of the tongue action wouwouwou Come on honey boo boo you can do it.

I believe.

Flick that tongue Ahhh, I don’t think so, let’s see Gobble, Gobble No no that’s that’s you know, heh heh you’re a silly goose, or a silly turkey if you know what I’m saying.

You don’t have to say the words gobble gobble you just gotta go, wouloulolo I guess I have to hang out more with the crowd both turkeys on the turkey farm, then I'll eventually I’ll get it Okay, but honestly, it would make my day to hear you try.

Okay gowlolow *laughs* I can’t do it like you, you’re an expert You’re almost there really you just gotta loosen the tongue you know you’re too stiff, like you’ve been sitting down for too long yeah I know like they got you cooped up in that chair all day Yeah, you’re right.

you’re right, I’ll pass just stand up loud and proud and tell em ladies and gentlemen wouloulolo Okay, I’m not gonna do that in front of everybody but wwololwo How’s that? *laughs* I think that it was better, I think it was better than before.

What do you think? Honestly, you see, you took my advice and you’re improving and, you know I’m so impressed okay *laughs* I could try to put the turkey next to the telephone maybe if I walk up to it then maybe you can tell me if it sounds like There you go, alright *chuckles* you can do that *laughs* See I tried to get too close, you know, he pick me in the gobbler you know what I’m saying? *laughs* Yeahuh you gotta be careful I know, I got to close and he pecked me in the gobbler and then bit me in the testy, you know what I’m saying so I got- I got scared to go back so that’s why I called yawl to see if you could give me some insight on sound I’ll practice until I talk to you again.

How’s that? Okay Have a great Thanksgiving Alrighty, I love you now okay, I love you too okay muah, bye bye now Okay, kiss me Kiss, Kiss muah Okay, thank you honey *laughs* Alright, bye bye bye bye Thank you for contacting *bleep* Oh yeah, hi their mam, how you doin? I’m good, how are you? I’m excellent See I was just calling about the uhhh you know I’m trying to you know make a turkey for my boo boo this year and I’ve been struggling you know uhhh, to be much of a chef in the past so I want to see if you know you have something like a one-stop shop to make some turkey.

We recommend just basically doing a open pan method where you put the whole turkey.

You don’t need to cover it, you just put it in the oven But, you know, I want something juicy Where I just want to suck the saliva out of my mouth You know what I’m sayin So, like, is it gonna be dry or? We’ve actually been doing that here for the whole month to kind of see how they turn out Wait, so like, do you all have like an oven over there at the call center or like, how often yawl? Yes, we do Oh wow! So like? I know, we’ve been cooking Umm, can we just get your zip code very quickly sir? Yeah yeah, it's *bleep* Okay And, and So we need to always have an idea where our customers are calling from and And if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the zip code of your headquarters Yeah, sir, is there anything else I can answer for you or? Oh yeah, for sure, I’m just, I was wandering honestly, I would love to check out the facility Like pssht.

If anything- We’re usually not open to the public No, I got you but like you must have some dumpsters out back or something somewhere with some leftover turkey in it, right? Like Is there anything else I can help you with? If I get to come through the facility What was your name so I can say hi Okay, thank you very much bye bye Sorry, what was that name? *laughs* *phone ringing* *bleep* How can I help you? Yeah, Hello, I see your advertisement for the turkey I want to call to get some information Okay, yes, I will try to help as best as I can Okay perfecto, thank you.

So I wanna know, I never cooking a turkey before We’re having our first thanksgiving here And I was wondering I having , you know I having one charcoal grill and I was wondering , you know How can I maybe cook on this? On the charcoal grill, you’re saying? Si, yeah Yes, okay.

You Spanish speaking can I ask or? Ah, No I speak English Oh, okay very good Yeah, I can understand everything so far Sir, cause we have a couple Spanish speaking women here I just you know Sometimes.

Okay, No I- I- I- I appreciate it, I appreciate it Yeah, no no you’re very understandable Thank you Do you have like any Mexican-inspired recipe like you know? I would just suggest going on the website On my telephone here having one Nokia telephone When I have to type on my telephone You know, to type in butter I have to type, you know 2 2 and then, you know A A And then like.

A A yeah too much Oh dear, Yeah Yeeaaaaa I’m just trying to think here how to make it like, you know Mexican-inspired I was thinking of putting avocado inside it, but I don’t know if it'll be good I just don’t know because that’s gonna almost be really melting in there you know Yeah, but very creamy right too much Yeah, you think it’d have that creamy texture but.

Yeah, I use the google too but you know again, when I want to use the google on my telephone you know I have to, to go to Google I have to you know yeah Number 4, and then I have 2, you know, 666 and then I have to space and then a 666 again and then a 555 yes, one of these days, you’ll update the phone but I know what you mean Yeah, I still had a phone that did more You know, it’s slower going and it is frustrating yeah, I know for sure What about you? What is your plan for thanksgiving? You’re gonna be with your family? I have to be working here.

That is one requirement of doing this.

We are here that day but I get off about 3 o’clock.

Okay, that’s very excite so you’re gonna have thanksgiving just a little bit later a little bit later that same day, yeah.

I was wondering you know is there any chance you know you know, this thanksgiving you know You having like, at the dinner table you know maybe one extra seat so I can come have food with you? I have a feeling you’re probably a little far away though Where do you live? Which town are you in? I’m in Chicago Oh, are you in Chicago? *laughs* What a coincidence Yeah, I- I- I- it is perfect.

You know you’re like my neighbor you’ll be like 5 minutes You know what, I think that’s one way to get to know your neighbors, you can invite a couple of them over for your Mexican-style turkey on the charcoal grill and I bet they’d be very, You know, impressed and well-fed at that meal No for sure, Honestly, I just want to make some new friends, so you know if I make my turkey on the charcoal, maybe I can bring it for you guys as a course and I can come *laughs* Well that’s a very hospitable thought of you *laughs* But, no but, but really no more joking, but can I come? You know I wish I could invite you over here we’re not allowed to give out the address of here because some other callers might, You know, they wouldn’t have the best intentions like you have No, no of course, I get it I’ll make you a nice flan I make you a desert You know I can make you something very good I bring a tortilla and bring some guacamole *laughs* oh my goodness, okay that is really hard to turn down, it really is.

Oh My God I hope you find just the right recipe if you can look on maybe with a computer it’s better than the phone to be able to look at some of them Well, just so you know, just so you know, I have a text message right, so if you wanna text me and others it’s okay Oh okay okay, well thank you again and have a wonderful thanksgiving and welcome to the country ooo, thank you, Okay you’re gonna be a grandMOTHERRRRRRR Okay thank you Okay, bye bye *phone hangs up* *laughs* *phone Ringing* Good Afternoon *bleep* This is Joanne, how can I help you Yes, I was just hoping to get some insight like I was planning on making like a turkey for my man and I was just wondering if you had any ideas, I’m not really too keen on cooking in the kitchen but I- It’s a special occasion.

You know, you’re supposed to have family and love and all those things, So you know.

Okay, what we recommend is the open pan method where you’d have a shallow pan about 2 and a half inches deep and have a rack.

Do you have a rack? You know.

I’m pretty fit.

I wouldn’t say I have a rack.


You silly goose Okay.

You know what size turkey you’re gonna get? Honestly, just something to feed like 2 people so I don’t know Like I was hoping to get a whole one though cause like I want to like you know like I want to stuff that be I want to be able to baste it I want to like you know.

So, say you have a 6 pound, you’ll want to cook it for ummm, and you want it stuffed huh.

So, you want like it 2 and a half to 3 hours Okay.

Is the turkey’s forgive me if this is a stupid question but is the turkey’s penis edible by any chance? You know what, I think we’re done, I think we’re done I started this with forgive.

*Phone hangs up* She hung up *laughs* Thank you for watching.

I’m extremely thankful for having all of you wonderful people watching my content and posting this today is my small way of showing it.

I’ll see you guys on Sunday with another new video Happy thanksgiving yawl wlwolwolw.

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